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Child in Circus Tent doing Aerial,

Come learn Dance, Circus and Aerials with us

in the ECOSS Dreaming Space Dome. We'll support your dream no matter how large!!

741 Old Warburton HWY, Wesburn

Fitness fun for everyone! 
With a variety of gymnastics and aerial skills. 

" I love seeing kids advance in their physical abilities"

Claire Ruby James- Dance and Circus Trainer

Join our Circus

All Classes have started back. Check the timetable below to see what's on!

Learn a new artistic skill of dance, circus, magic and performance!

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About our Classes


Have a wonderful Spring Holidays everyone!! Thank you for a wonderful Term 3!!!

Our programs start for Term 4 on the Monday 9th October and will run till Friday 20th December for a lovely 10 week term.  
As you can see in the program we have a fun filled jam packed term once again for you to come and experience being expressive and extraordinary with a range of dance 
styles from ballet to swing dance, multi skilled circus classes and Aerial dance classes. 

We have something for all ages. We will have some special social experiences planned for the term 
and some clear preparation steps for our end of year show coming up on Saturday 28th October in the Warburton Arts Centre! 

We can't wait to create it with you!!! 

Get in touch to discuss your dreams!
1300 133 352

Dance School is on 
Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Our Aerial Classes are on Tuesday nights.

Or you might like to learn circus, dance, acro and aerial skills from home online?

Join our online learning program!

Here Is
Everything You'll Get 
When You Join The Dream Achievers Community
Free Time While Your Kids Learn 
Dream Achievers Support Network
Value: $156
Dream Coach Session
Value: $250
Over 15 programs, 
Value: Over $1,500
Define Your Dream In 10 Days
Value: $15
Embrace a training video, a dreaming activity and a visualisation each day for 10 days to clarify, find and define your dream!
The 30 Day Dream Achiever Mission
Value: $35
Once you define your dream you can take on the 30 day challenge with that dream and get the support you need to work on it for one hour a day for 30 days.
The 90 Day Dream Achiever Quest
Value: $90
Join a trainer, define a dream, plan it, design it and set achievable dates with full support for 90 days.
Get support material, templates and activities every day. 
The Online Confidence Course  
Value: $95
Learn to go within and find a fire of passion to become the most confident person you know!  With daily reflections, observations, skills & activities to move into a space of pure confidence in your chosen area of life. 
Superstar Magic
Value: $35
 Become a SuperStar Magician to bring life to every party you attend!!! You will develop a routine that you can use to feel confident to perform anywhere you go. 
Circus Spectacular
Value: $45
Learn to juggle, spin a diablo, poi, staff, hula hoop, acro balance, discover the history of circus and much more!
Learn To Lead
Value: $125
30 leadership techniques for building confidence and making an impact on the world around us in the lives of those who matter most.
Acceler8 Memory
Value: $135
8 exceptional 30 minute training videos for accelerating memory when learning new skills.
30 day magic challenge
Value: $35
Learn a new magic trick everyday for 30 days! 
From the couch to the trees
Value: $45
Give your kids the ideas they need to play outside, use imagination and create a new world of outdoor make believe!!
Love Online- Parent Relationship tips 
Value: $125
Use fire in your relationship and 10 key steps to rediscover and maintain an incredible fresh start with your partner. 
Tango Dance Course for parents
Value: $135
Learn to dance a Tango routine with your partner in 12 easy to follow 10 min videos. 

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$34.95/Month or $297/Year

Would you prefer to do a course online?

You can also take part in our growing online Dream Achievers community...

Here's What's Included In The Dream Achievers Online Community

  • An online treasure-trove of lessons, videos, audio guides & worksheets that are genuinely fun! 
  • Courses on magic, ballet, dance, singing, craft, nature art, painting, drawing, music and more.
  • ​1:1 monthly coaching sessions for you and/or your children. We offer expert support to help your children define and then achieve their dreams.
  • ​Brand New Adventures coming out every week.
  • ​Back up support from our team of professionals, with Over 25 years of experience in children’s education & entertainment.

Train with us in the Dome and come perform with us!

Your Kids Will Get Off The Computer And Out Into The Real World!

  • ​Tuesdays 3:45-5:30pm- Dance-Tap-Hip Hop.
  • ​Wednesdays Dream Coaching
  • ​Thursdays 3:45pm till 5pm
  • ​Fridays Kinder Gym 2pm till 3pm
  • ​Fridays Circus 3:45pm till 5pm
Our Community Will 
Nurture Your Kids' Sense Of Purpose Through Fun & Games!

100% Money Back Guarantee
We are 100% confident in the value your kids are going to receive. If you don’t feel satisfied with The Dream Achievers Community after 30 days, send us an email to let us know and we will give you a full refund!
Meet The Creators

Christopher James

Manager & Lead Trainer At The Dreaming Space Academy
Hi, I'm Chris! I love playing, educating and inspiring kids to think further, feel deeper and act wider than they would ever have the chance to do otherwise! After deeply moving hundreds of kids' lives, I am so excited about supporting your family in the same way!

Welcome to the achievement of my biggest dream; to set up a space that can support you to achieve your kids' goals and dreams one step at a time.
After training as a circus artist and actor, travelling the world performing, training as a teacher, becoming an author, meeting the woman of my dreams, having four kids with a wildly creative lifestyle as a family circus, it's time to share the dream process with you!!

Claire Ruby James

CEO of The Dreaming Space Academy
Welcome Dreamers!

Chris and I have spent our lives making amazing experiences possible! 
Writing transformational performances and teaching creative skills at hundreds of schools, council festivals and events all over Australia and the world for the past 17 years. We are now on the mission to be an inspiring part of your dream creating journey.

As a singer, actor, circus artist and dancer of a variety of styles from across the globe and centuries, I live to develop inspiring programs and performances for the human potential, some of the highlights have been performing @ The Arts Centre, in Melbourne multiple times and running workshops at schools for The Arts Centres outreach programs. Another has been working for many years at Songroom Australia to bring creative programs to schools.
When creating with my husband Chris, anything is possible!  

Circus in Schools Program

We have a huge range of skills from juggling, acrobatics, hulla-hooping, stilt walking, diablo, poi, plate spinning, gymnastics, aerials, unicycling and much much more to train all aged Primary Students from prep through to grade 6 in an interactive circus based sports program. 

Here’s What Kids & Their Parents Are Saying

Elizabeth Haines


Thank you for being a powerful role model for my early teen! The deep life learning she has received in this program has set her up for life!


Student  - Age 13

This program really helped me transition from primary school to high school! I loved the clear process to achieve my dreams one at a time. 


Primary School Teacher

I found the creative support, new ideas, games and activities that I needed to engage my students. The team also amazed my guests at my 38th Birthday party. Wow!


Student - Age 10

During a really difficult time when I really hated homeschooling this program gave me something really creative to focus on and made me feel happy again.

Stef Arvanitakis


Thanks To DSA, I’m watching my son express his creativity again. The magic course gave him a massive confidence boost. We felt so supported through a very emotionally difficult time. Thank you so much!



This group of exceptionally skilled artistic trainers have totally inspired my 11 year old who is loving the performance based confidence course!! 

Get All These Features 
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$34.95/Month or $297/Year

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